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Specialist Services

We offer a variety of additional services to complement our core business which adds value for our clients.


Project Fund Monitoring

Our team has extensive experience in this area of work. Before a funded development can begin, banks need to have a good understanding of the construction costs and risks associated with a project. When a development starts, it must be carefully monitored with regular site visits made in order to pick up any key issues as they arise. We advise banks when costs can be drawn down against a loan facility and on the adequacy of the remaining undrawn loan to cover the forecast cost to completion.
Dispute Avoidance / Resolutiong
It is a litigious world we live in today; disputes in the construction industry are sadly all too common. We always try to help our Clients reach a settlement without the need to resort to the Courts.
We have the expertise to assist you with this and provide the advice and knowledge to help you steer a steady path during the difficult process of dispute.
Many construction disputes are referred to Adjudication, once commenced, this 28-day process is completed with the Adjudicators decision that is binding on both parties and is enforceable by law.
We have successfully assisted many Employers, Contractors and Sub-Contractors in numerous adjudications concerning some of the following dispute areas;

  • Payment Disputes
  • Extension of Time
  • Loss and Expense
  • Contract Changes
  • Retention Release
  • Loss of Profit
  • Defects and Rectification Costs
Expert Witness
There are occasions when a dispute is unresolvable without the need to resort to Court. In this instance we have experience in providing both single and joint expert services and have worked closely with Barristers and Solicitors to enable a Judge to make a determination in a case that comes before them at Court.


Other Services

Quantity Surveying
Project Management
Building Surveying
Health and Safety Consultancy